What Customers Always Asked for U1?

Re:Please tell us your Device Brand & Model. If your device is the newest, our cloud code library may not be added. We will update the code library so that your device will work.
Re:This is because of the compatibility of the device with the cloud code library did not keep in consistent. Please tell us your Device Brand & Model of your device. We will tell our technicians to upgrade the cloud code library so that can be used.
Re:Add your device via Bluetooth Mode one by one, and learn the HDMI switch INPUT via IR learning Mode meanwhile, and you could scroll wheel to easy switch between 4 Bluetooth devices at once. (We can provide you a video operation).
Re: We provide 24 hours online service. Our Tech team will add the devices for you, just tell us the Brand & Model of your device, we update the code library in real-time.
Re:You can extract the database from the cloud code library or learn from the original remote control. (We can provide you a video operation).

U1 Product FAQs

Re:Sorry to bother you.We will update such issue for next new bulk production.
Re:SofaBaton U1 universal remote control allow you to have an all-in-one sontrol solution that can operate a variety of devices across multiple brands, for example it works as a universal remote for vizio tv and fire stick, roku, apple tv.
Re:Please go ahead to set up under Setting section.
If the scroll button can not work,then we will help to make a change for you.There is still so much to be improved,thanks for your understanding.

There is still so much to be improved for us.Please feel free to Contact us if you have some more questions,thank you for your understanding and patience.

What Customers Always Asked for X1?

Re:About 30 feet from the X1-Remote to the X1-Hub,and 30 feet from the X1-Hub to your device like TV.
Re:No, infrared module is on the hub.
Re:No, infrared、bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules are on the hub.
Re:Yes, but you need to use the included blaster and pull the terminal out of the cabinet.
Re:When synchronizing information, keep the X1-remote close to the hub to avoid interrupting configuration file synchronization.
Re: 1) Check whether the code base added to each device is accurate. 2) Reconfirm that the power status and source information of the device are correct. 3) Go to Startup Settings and edit Program Flow.
Re:In activity mode, the system can record the status of associated devices in real time according to the setting information. In device mode, because the infrared operation involves one-way communication, the real-time status of the device cannot be obtained.Therefore, after creating an Activity, it is not recommended to switch the power supply of the device or switch the source position in the device mode, to avoid an error with the information recorded in the Activity setting, as well as potential confusion of functions.
Re:Yes, but only ROKU, SONOS, and PHILIPS HUE are supported.
Re:No. The X1 is mainly used for audio and video device control.
Re:Refer to the following operations for troubleshooting a. Ensure that the mobile phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Hub. b. If the fault persists after 1, disconnect and reconnect the hub power supply, and then try again.

X1 Product FAQs

Re:Yes, you can press the button on the hub to make a beep sound from the remote.
Re:No, the X1-Hub can only be used with X1-remote.
Re:The Off key is used only in Activity mode and cannot be used to turn off the TV in Device mode.This is to avoid inconsistencies with the TV state recorded in the Activity after the Device is closed,which could result in confusion for the Activity.
Re:No,the X1 doesn't come with Speaker. But you can control via Alexa or Google Assistant.
Re:Yes, because some functions require the use of cloud data services.
Re:Yes, the app communicates with the hub through Wi-Fi.
Re:No, the X1-Hub can be paired with only one X1-Remote.
Re:Yes, but the app needs to be connected to the Internet to register an account and add devices. After downloading the code base, X1 can be used locally.

There is still so much to be improved for us.Please feel free to Contact us if you have some more questions,thank you for your understanding and patience.

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