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Sofabaton - Contact - Universal Remote Control,

Contact Tips

Dear Sofabaton Customer,thank your for your reaching out,there is still so much to be improved for sofabaton, we would be glad to hear your good suggestions or quick feedback, please feel free to contact us or reach us out by ways following, thanks for your patience and support !

Aftersales Support

Dear customer,if you have any questions such as the Quality Issue, Database Error, Order Status, Return Problem, or Replacement Trouble and so on,please send us your issue via the left contact form directly (We will get back to you within 24 hours) or please mail to our support team: We will reply you ASAP. Thank you!

Business Cooperation

Dear partners,if you have any questions for B2B Negotiation,Reseller Policy,Press Posting,Products Review or Media Publishing, please mail to us: Thank you!