What is the Sofabaton U1 Series

SofaBaton U1 remote control with OLED Display and smartphone APP,
which is targeted at single-device switching control.
The one for all smart remote can add up to 15 entertainment devices at the same time,
Compatible with smart devices like TVs/DVD/STB/Projector so on...

One for all

Sofabaton U1 universal remote control to replace 15 Infrared and Bluetooth device remote.No need to look for remote everywhere. You can just enjoy the convenience at fingertips,which can make your life at home easier.Not support RF or WIFI device.

Powerful Cloud Database

U1 universal remote works 600,000+ devices from 6,000+ brands, Compatible with Roku,Apple TV,FireTv and other smart TV,entire home audio and video devices,like DVDs, cable set-top box(STB), Blu-ray player,AV receiver,Recorder,etc. Easy to setup with Smartphone App, also has learning function to add the devices if needed anytime.

Programmable Macro

Super easy to program. Macros are used to send multiple commands(up to 10) from a single button. You can combine commands from the same or different devices. Let you assign custom key, rearrange keys, record macros. Save your time and offer you maximum flexibility. Only for Infrared Devices.

Scroll Wheel Design & OLED Display Technology

The remote is comfortable to hold, rounded at the edges and well balanced. Ergonomic scroll wheel design allows quick switching between multiple devices, which is more convenient and efficient. Advanced OLED displays can provide high resolution. Screen auto lights up while you pick up the remote.

Assign Custom Macro

Just press a Macro button you set up and it can trigger multiple commands. For example, after setting up a Macro you're able to turn on your Blur-ra player, Samsung TV and Soundbar with the press of one button. If you then wanted to quit, you could hit that same button to turn everything off.

Moreover, you can customize the start time, pause time, etc. Such as, turn on the TV first and then turn on the Set Top Box 5 seconds later.


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