Answer: SofaBaton U1 universal remote control allow you to have an all-in-one sontrol solution that can operate a variety of devices across multiple brands, for example it works as a universal remote for vizio tv and fire stick, roku, apple tv.
Answer: You can extract the database from the cloud code library or learn from the original remote control.
Answer:This is because of the compatibility of the device with the cloud code library. Please tell us your Device Brand & Model of your device. We will tell our technicians to upgrade the cloud code library so that can be used.
Answer: Please tell us your Device Brand & Model. If your device is the newest, our cloud code library may not be added. We will update the code library so that your device will work.
Answer: Of course, you can add more than one ble device. We consider making you use it more smoothly, our system support adds only one Bluetooth device by default. But you don't need to worry about it, If you want to add more than one, please turn on the Multi Blutooth Mode button on Settings.